Working conditions

What is work in Hungary like?

Hungary has quite a traditional working environment. Labour regulations meant that the interests and rights of the employee are usually quite well protected.

Employment at multinational companies in Hungary will mean conditions similar to those in Western Europe and North America. However, smaller companies may offer various levels of conditions depending on their industry and financial capabilities.

A normal working week consists of 40 hours. Overtime is not paid by every company and how this is treated will depend on the type of position, industry and prior agreement with your employer.

The standard number of days of annual leave is 21. The amount of days of holiday will increase according to your age – i.e. the older you are the more days of holiday you get.

Salaries depend on the position and the language knowledge: In administrative positions the initial gross salary is 200,000 – 220,000 HUF/month, it is 230,000 in the financial section and it is 300,000 in the IT sector.

Allowances (Cafeteria system) are getting more and more popular. Therefore, the employer can give allowances like Luncheon voucher, traveller’s cheques, Internet access, travel contribution, school term allowance, etc.


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Trip to Lake Balaton

Last weekend, I went to Lake Balaton for 3 days with my roommate Valesca and some students of her university.

Photo of the group on the top of Tihany.

Photo of the group on the top of Tihany.

This is the most beautiful and largest lake in Hungary. Beautiful beaches, beautiful towns and villages around the lake. Many restaurants, nightclubs, can make many excursions. Cruises Siófok, Balatonfüred, Tihany, Badacsony etc…  One hour from Budapest by car, two by train. You can swim, surf, and many other water sports on the lake.

Balaton lake map

Lake Balaton map

We arrived Friday at 2PM, at the hostel at Balatonfured. The hostel was so close to the beach, that’s why we went directly swimming, because the weather was so good. After relaxing on the beach, we went to a wine tasting and dinner at Pokol Pince (Hell Cellar).  We had tried the fragrant wines of the region and enjoy tasty dishes.

Saturday, we start with a really huge Hungarian breakfast with a lot of pork delicatessen. We were travelling by ship from the harbor of Balatonfured. Arrive at the harbor of Tihany, we took a small train to go at the top of the hill to see the landscape. Look at this!!

view of the lake

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Budapest Dance Festival

Hi everyone !

As I said earlier on this blog, Budapest host many different festivals in Spring, let’s see one of them in video with some extra informations !

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20th jubilee International Book Festival

From April 18 to 21, Budapest hosts another festival. This year is the 20th jubilee International Book Festival.

The first International Book Festival Budapest was opened twenty years ago, in April 1994 at the Budapest Congress Center by icts founder, the Hungarian Publishers ‘and Booksellers’ Association.

At the beginning of the restructuring of the Hungarian book market, President István Bart and Director Péter László Zentai, approached the Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Peter Weidhaas, asking him whether he would help in establishing the event of Hungarian literature that is unparalleled in Europe.
Peter Weidhaas immediately accepted their request without hesitating.


The event takes place in the Millenáris Park, located on the Buda side (West) of Budapest. Opening hours are from 7am to 10am in the morning in the evening.

The program:
Many activities for all ages. Reading, books to browse, others to buy, you can also discuss and meet the authors.


In the same year, they introduced the Guest of Honour country feature, which means that year by year, European and oversees countries present their culture at the Book Festival. On their invitation, notable authors from all the 27 member states of the European Union presented themselves in Budapest. Visitors got an insight into the latest production of Europe’s multifaceted and multilingual literature at a representative stand, and all authors presented themselves.


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French Dinner

The 12th of april, I have organised a french dinner with friends. Let’s see this video.

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Magyar Easter Treats

Sprinkle someone! Known to the Hungarians as locsolás, this rather odd Easter tradition is an old fertility ritual which involves men and boys throwing buckets of water over women and girls, or, in some cases, dunkink them in the river! The idea is that women are like flowers, and the effect of water is cleansing and healing, and enhances fertility. Back in the old days, girls would actually compete to get the most splashes. Fortunately, they keep things a little more civilized these days and just spray a few drops of water, or sometimes some cheap cologne. If it happens to you, take it as a complement and don’t forget to say thank you by handing over a han-painted or chocolate egg.


Egg painting. No just a Hungarian tradition, but the Magyars do take their egg decoration very seriously, and they’ve developed some wonderful techniques with which to create lovely and very impressive designs. You might, for eggsample, place a leaf on the side of an egg, and then pop it in an old (clean) stocking, and then into some dye. The result colorful eggs with perfect leaf-silhouettes.

egg painting

Food, One of the most important factors of, well, most Hungarian celebrations. At this time of year, stuff yourself with local treats like home-made Hungarians ham (try the market halls). Eat is alongside hardboiled eggs and pickled horseradish. And don’t forget to finish off with a piece of kalàcs (milk loaf), mmmmh. (photo below)


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Francophony’s Festival

Yesterday was the closing night of the francophony’s Festival.

Every year for a month, many cultural activities to discover the richness of the French language and culture of French-speaking countries are available.


Program: theater, concerts, films, exhibitions, conferences, radio shows, tastings, workshops literature, poetry or song.
This is a multi-cultural event that is open to everyone.


Yesterday, many typical dishes from each country was at the disposal of guests. There were also examples of country-specific crafts and of course, music.


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